Cleaning industrial halls and warehouses

The EuroStyl+ company offers thorough cleaning of industrial and manufacturing halls.

We paint, de-dust, vacuum, clear and clean: ceilings, support structures, walls and all infrastructure above manufacturing lines.

Within our hall cleaning services we offer:

  • cleaning ceilings and support structure
  • cleaning walls
  • cleaning skylights and roof windows
  • cleaning racks
  • cleaning machines
  • cleaning technological lines
  • cleaning lighting elements
  • cleaning cable ducts
  • cleaning hall equipment
  • cleaning ventilation and extractor installations
  • anti-fungal treatment
  • dust removal
  • vacuuming
  • cleaning
  • disinfection
  • cleaning industrial floors

We adjust our schedules to individual needs of the Principal.

We hold all the licenses and permits required to work at heights, and attested devices and machinery to secure maximum safety of people and assets.

We guarantee fast and reliable completion of orders.