Cleaning facades

Cleaning glass facades and windows

Our technology utilizes the processes of demineralization and reverse osmosis to produce perfectly clean water. The reverse osmosis is a natural process in which the water is separated from the substances diluted in it. The filtration is made with use of a special membrane made from the best available materials, that only the water particles can penetrate and all the impurities separated and washed to the drain. By freeing the water from impurities and minerals we not only give it perfect cleaning properties, but also – and what is most important – make it evaporate without any trace from the cleaned surface.

Water subjected to membrane filtration is transported to the dirty surface with use of lightweight pole brushes. These are made of carbon fibers and other specialist lightweight materials, enabling a single person to freely operate with the brush and precisely clean the dirty surfaces up to the height of 6th floor!!!

The company offers services of three basic types of cleaning:

Thorough cleaning

Current cleaning

Renovation cleaning

Depending on the type of dirt the cleaning is made with use of purufied water or water with addition of chemicals.

The cost estimate of the services is made after direct contact with the customer and will depend on degree and type of staining and the accessibility and area of the surface.

Advantages of our technology:

  • Clean surface, elimination of smudges even during cleaning of insolated and heated up surfaces
  • Protection from repeated staining – thanks to use of purified water
  • Reduction of electrostatic load of cleaned surface
  • Suitable for cleaning glass surfaces, window frames, glass and plastic facades
  • Quick assembly and disassembly of device – fast pace of work
  • Lightness of the device, thanks to use of titanium and carbon fiber materials
  • Up to 200 square meters per hour of work

Chemical cleaning of facades

We offer facade cleaning with use of safe and efficient chemicals, choosen to suit the material that the cleaned surface is made of (clinker, tin, stone, etc.). We specialize in removal of graffiti, salt stains, fungicidal treatment of facades and removal of weather inflicted stains. It is to be remembered, that regular cleaning of facades not only largely improves and refreshes the aesthetics of building, but also increases its lifespan. We guarantee the adjustment of the used chemicals and the cooperation conditions to the needs of every Customer.


  • granite,
  • marble,
  • sandstone,
  • terrazzo,
  • clinker brick.








We adjust our schedules to individual needs of the Principal.

We hold all the licenses and permits required to work at heights, and attested devices and machinery to secure maximum safety of people and assets.

We guarantee fast and reliable completion of orders.