Bird deterrent systems

How to protect buildings from bird-related contamination?

Lack of natural threats makes the birds reproduce in an uncontrolled manner. Their feces and feathers are habitats for numerous insects, mites and also fungi and bacteria, that may cause many serious diseases such as:

  • ornithosis
  • salmonella
  • aspergillosis
  • coccidiosis
  • helminthiases
  • toxoplasmosis
  • bird flu

Pigeon feces deface buildings and fasten their damage, which is connected with risk of unnecessary expenses for unforeseen repairs.

EuroStyl+ company offers professional protection of all types of buildings with use of bird warning and deterrent system. The wire system was designed in such a way that there is balance between its discreet appearance and efficiency. Thanks to use of best quality of materials and the highest strength of assembly glue, that can stand temperatures from +80 to -60 degrees Celsius the system guarantees efficiency and durability.

Anti-pigeon spikes

We offer a device that makes access of birds impossible, thus pigeons and other defacing bird species are no longer a problem, and the parasites, feces and contaminants become a thing of the past.

Our system is assembled on cornices, parapets, gutter ducts, figures, billboards, alarms, AC units, cable covers and other protruding architectonic elements. In case of wider spots we recommend the gluing of double or multiple parallel rows.

Anti-pigeon gel

Bird Proof is a lasting, sticky bird repellent that can be used on cornices, parapets, ridges, rafters and other places under roof and outside, where the birds are persistently staying or sleeping. Used according to manual the transparent Bird Proof repellent can efficiently discourage pigeons, sparrows and other annoying birds from staying in and returning to the place of its application, up to a year after it has been used.

The Bird Proof gel is a safe, transparent substance used where birds sit, sleep and nest. It is non-toxic, thus safe to use and not harmful to the birds, if it’s used according to the instructions. Also due to its unique formulation the gel keeps its properties up to a year (depending on weather conditions) and thus teaches the birds to avoid the areas of its application and makes them search for another place to stay overnight. Many pest control experts recommend the Bird Proof gel as the best way for getting rid of the problem of annoying birds.


  • gutters, gutter ducts,
  • steep roof ridges, hoods and mansards,
  • chimneys, balconies,
  • figures, waved surfaces,
  • tops of columns,
  • lit banners, signs, neon lights and similar structures,
  • wall-mounted inscriptions,
  • decorative elements, oculi, small windows,
  • belfries, towers,
  • parapet walls or firewalls.

Recommended especially for protection of historic monuments.

Anti-bird meshes

The black polyethylene mesh is very durable and resilient to changes in temperature and UV radiation.

Large open areas, balconies, parking lots, industrial halls, roofs, etc.

Technical details:

  • mesh sizes: standard 50x50mm or 30x30mm
  • color: sand as standard, black as an option
  • extensibility/contractility: none

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